St Michael’s Church

Forthcoming services for first quarter of 2024 are:

JANUARY      Sunday 7th 9.30

FEBRUARY   Sunday 4th 9.30

MARCH          Sunday 3rd 9.30

MARCH          Sunday 31st Easter Day 9.30

APRIL             Sunday 5th  9.30

MAY                Sunday 5th  9.30

JUNE              Sunday 2nd   9.30

JULY               Sunday 7th   9.30

AUGUST        Sunday 4th   9.30

SEPTEMBER Sunday 1st  9.30

OCTOBER     Sunday 6th  9.30

NOVEMBER Sunday 3rd  9.30

DECEMBER  Sunday 1st   9.30


Forthcoming services for 2023 are:

JANUARY       Only at St Pauls Honiton

FEBRUARY     Sunday 5th  9.30

MARCH            Sunday 5th  9.30

APRIL               Sunday 2nd  9.30

MAY                  Sunday 7th  9.30

JUNE                 Sunday 4th  9.30

JULY                 Sunday 2nd  9.30

AUGUST         Sunday 6th  9.30

SEPTEMBER   Sunday 3rd  9.30

OCTOBER        Sunday 1st  9.30

NOVEMBER    Sunday 5th  9.30

DECEMBER     Sunday 3rd  9.30

Carol Service to be advised later

Update from John Chapman:  We had a good congregation on Christmas Morning and enjoyed Mulled wine (non alcoholic )after the service. We have begun a book exchange near the front door of the Church and hope it will grow over the weeks ahead. Also If anyone wishes to receive the Parish Magazine on line we can either have it sent to you direct from the Parish office to put on the website or if prefered they can send in their e mail address for direct posting.

Thank you to all who supported the Cotleigh Church 200 Club.  Recent winners are:

November £15 Alison Harrison

November £10 Mrs Long

December £50 P Lane

December £25 P Couch

December £25 S Guilbert

January £15 Martyn Broom

January £10 Alison Harrison

Membership is only £10 per year.