From  Revd Mrs Tracey Voysey
As some of you will know a new rector will be ordained on Saturday 29th June and then have his first service the following day, Sunday 30th June, 11am at St Paul’s Honiton
Firstly, if you could spread the word about that service, it would be good to see as many from all our parishes as possible to welcome, and support him in his first service.
Secondly, after the service there will be a shared buffet lunch for anyone who wants to stay. I shall be co-ordinating this and am now writing to ask if your church would be able to bring the following items for the lunch. In order not to be overrun by sausage rolls, I have laid out below some suggestions for your parish to bring. If you would like to change them please let me know so I can keep an eye on what we shall have – thus being overrun with certain items.
Suggestions as follows:
Awliscombe: Cheese Sandwiches, Carrot and Celery Sticks with Dip for 30 people  and 12x cupcakes
Buckerell: Ham Sandwiches, Crisps and sausage rolls for 30 People and 1 x Victoria Sponge Cake
Combe Raleigh: Eggs sandwiches, a variety of Vegetarian finger food  for 30 people and 1 x fruit cake
Cotleigh: Ham Sandwiches, cocktail sausages, cheese straws for 30 people and 12 times pieces of flapjack/shortbread that type of thing.
Gittisham: Tuna or Tuna and Sweetcorn sandwiches, Cheese and crackers with a variety of fruit for 30 people.
St Paul’s will provide some bottles of fizz and fruit juices as well as the people power for the kitchen. They will also provide the Gluten Free items for the shared lunch as well as nibbles, and some cakes.